The dialogue wheel

Date of publication: June 15, 1994

Author: Gorm Kunøe


This paper serves as an introduction to the use of a comprehensive model for managers engaged with direct marketing and the use of market systems in B-t-B marketing. The DialogueWheel was first presented to six Scandinavian companies and has been tested in two Scandinavian companies. The results of the research show that the model is working as assumed, both as a diagnostic tool and as a strategic guideline for further development. First of ail, the model - or the concept - provides guidelines for what the marketing manager should consider as necessary functions in order to gain the customers confidence. Secondly, the "DialogiieWheef' is a guidance for the user as to which functions to keep in-house and which to source out. The four dimensional model consists of 108 decision cells from which the marketing managers make analysis, describe their present position and forecast their strategic possibilities. The initial step is to read this article and have a clockwise "tour" of the model. Get acquainted with the terminology and mark of those areas of the model in which you are active. Understand the rings, and position yourself according to what you do in-house and which parts of the direct marketing work is processed outside your company. Try to fathom your company's position in the three-step planning process within each cell, and you are starting to realize where your company is positioned in direct marketing, and which options you have to consider for future development.

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