The effectiveness of television advertising

Date of publication: June 15, 1987


The present paper presents findings and a status report regarding one of these projects. Namely, a study of the influence of West German commercial televisions. First, it is analysed what brands and products are advertised, which are available in Denmark also. All spots shown in most of 1983 and 1984 are included in this analysis. Secondly, the viewing of West German television in Denmark, and particularly of commercials broadcasted on West German television are explored. Finally, in the third step a number of possible effects are studied. Since West German television can only be seen in Southern Denmark, a region in this part of the country has been identified, which in terms of socio- economic and other factors is identical to a similar region in Northern Jutland, where West German television cannot be seen. In these two regions distributions and market shares are measured with Nielsen type data together with brand awareness, promotion and price activities, etc.

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