The emergence of single marketing

Date of publication: May 12, 2002

Catalogue: Latin America 2002


This paper summarizes the preliminary results of a recent study conducted with the objective of supplying new themes for our debate on the female gender, providing deeper information on the thought process and actions of women in our time. The study was conducted for and served various clients from different sectors; companies (Avon, Electrolux and Sadia), governmental agencies (National Council for Women's Rights of the Ministry of Justice in Brasilia) and society as a whole since part of the results were made available for debate and published in the media. In terms of results, it verified that despite the obvious conquests of the female population in the last century - increasing presence in universities, the professional area and in more powerful decision making positions - nonetheless, women are experiencing a lot of sadness. Lack of time, accumulated tiredness when faced with numerous tasks and the feeling of loneliness seem to afflict her life.

Oriana Monarca White


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