The evolution of the market researcher

Date of publication: August 1, 1975


This paper shows the development and the volume of market research in a "biogram". This type of graph is commonly used in evolutionary theory and visualises how long it took a species or a profession, for that matter to reach the present state of development. It also provokes thoughts about the selection mechanism that has determined the course of evolution up to date. A comparison between the numerical importance of market research and its apparent importance in society reveals a great discrepancy. The number of market researchers or the turnover made in research is very much smaller than its image suggests. Under these circumstances it is extremely difficult to predict the profession a certain future. Instead of one prediction this paper outlines four different perspectives. While the paper itself intends to demonstrate some of the mechanisms behind the evolution of market research, the talk given at the Congress will concentrate on the different perspectives and try to determine their probability.

Werner Wyss


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