The expected changes in television environment and their influence on the audiences

Date of publication: June 15, 1982

Author: Giovanni Fabris


A larger number of new opportunities of watching TV will be offered to each individual by the expected developments of the Medium during the Eighties. What will be the reaction of the audiences? Will the individuals increase the time that they currently spend watching TV, or will they share the same amount of time among the different available programs and opportunities? An answer to the question can be found by analyzing the way in which people are spending their time every day. The analysis of a survey carried out by the French C.E.S.P. on the "Time allocation and Activities of Individuals" allows us to make some hypotheses. The study is done by socio-demographic groups, time of the day and day of the week. Afterwards these hypotheses are verified by the observed behaviour of the audiences after the introduction of new TV programs in some European areas (France, Luxemburg, Italy). The study leads to the conclusion that the main limit to the development of viewership seems to be the time available for the individuals, at least in the present socio-economic situation.

Giovanni Fabris


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