The fourth dimension and research

Date of publication: September 1, 1972


In 1970 the chairman of a large multinational company introduced the theme of the fourth dimension at the company's annual shareholders' meeting. He said that traditionally the company has recognised three responsibilities to customers, shareholders and employees. He then added a fourth - responsibility to the community. Then IBM's research programme is described as one designed to help it in its present market and expand its future ones. An indirect marketer, IBM sees the need to help its customers understand the changing consumer environment. Three points define the programme: - Computers help people; - The work of IBM Scientific Centres helps to resolve environmental problems; - Involvement in the communities in which IBM operates is enlightened self-interest. Attitudinal research helps IBM in the identification of certain of these areas. Over the past year IBM World Trade has developed a series of advertisements which have run in many countries seeking to demonstrate to selected audiences examples of how IBM and its customers use computers to help people solve environmental and social problems within the communities in which they operate.

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