The function and positioning of the market researcher regarding total quality programmes in Brazil

Date of publication: May 1, 1995


The objective of this paper is to discuss the challenge of the Total Quality Programmes for the market researcher. The philosophy of quality managing started to develop in Brazil in the late 1980's, following the track of world-wide trends. The implementation of Total Quality Programmes in Brazil, which started as another fashion managing and went through the necessary adjustments, currently represents a philosophy of action, as well as a necessary and possible alternative vis-a-vis the global economy process, the rising of trading groups, the opening of imports and the present stage of development of the country. We will analyse the needs, opportunities and threats the Total Quality Programmes present for the market researcher and the consequent requirements of information and researches. We will also discuss the broadening of quality research programmes to QIS - Quality Information System: a continuous monitoring of all the aspects concerning the quality of the organisation, its products and services. We analyse the different methodologies and techniques as a quality answer of the market researchers to the needs resulting from the implementation of the Total Quality Programmes in Brazil. As a consequence, the strengthening of the role and function of the professional in that new market niche.

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