The German example

Company: GfK Group

Author: Robert Nicklas


The number of programme providers and of consumers’ access to programmes increased truly dynamic over recent years. Particularly in a European key market such as Germany, this also has major consequences for TV audience research since a high level of forecasting skills and flexibility is demanded of the research institutes under these circumstances The reports below describe how GfK Fernsehforschung, which carries out continuous TV audience research in Germany on behalf of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fernsehforschung (AGF = Audience Research Working Group), responds to current developments and requirements in the markets which are relevant to TV audience research. Based on the description of the German situation and the current trends being noted in that country, the measures being taken accordingly by GfK Fernsehforschung research are presented below. In addition to more method-orientated innovations such as changes in the weighting method used and the standard conventions for analyses, the emphasis is on the technical innovations which GfK Fernsehforschung has incorporated into the TV audience research system within the framework of a new contract period (1995-1999). This is followed by a brief look at the challenges of the future. In conjunction with the AGF, GfK Fernsehforschung has taken steps which will also enable it to solve the tasks of a future which is already upon us.

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