The hot buttons that trigger the entire nation

Date of publication: March 30, 2003


Brands that consistently do well in the market place are the ones that forge long term relationships with the consumer. These brands connect as they are anchored in powerful insights which trigger a positive response with the target audience. Powerful insights reflect the cultural imprints of a given environment. Despite its cultural diversity every nation is unified by certain cultural imprints which collectively trigger the passion of the average citizen. The authors have identified five hot buttons based on cultural imprints that have its moorings deeply entrenched into every Indian psyche. In fact they are deeply embedded into the DNA of most Indians. These combine to form a ceaseless flow of energy through a variety of patterns that seamlessly mesh into one another. The Hot Buttons that trigger India as a nation are Religion, Family, Politics, Cricket, and Cinema. These have a hologram effect. Even a fractional experience of each is representative of the universal whole. The Indian philosophy of 'great tolerance and inclusiveness' forms the basic fabric across all the 'hot buttons'.

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