The Iguassu project

Date of publication: September 1, 1996


The Iguassu Project is a market research study which faces a unique situation: the strategic repositioning of a tourist region very important to three countries - Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay - seeking to construct a new and international brand for an attractive and all- encompassing region which can provide tourist attractions, leisure, shopping, business, culture and sports. The combination of secondary information, together with qualitative and quantitative studies, involving various segments of the public in the three countries, treats with the complexities and vicissitudes of a brand in a marketing ambience characterized by profound economic and social changes. The project utilizes the various aspects of the three-country border market as a model of analysis for the discussion of limits and contingencies of the processes necessary for brand building, and the role of the market research process as a catalyst for the forces behind the building of a brand. One of the results was the contribution for the implementation of "The Iguassu International Tourist Center".

Julio Cesar Tannus


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Roseli Stier Azambuja


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