The image of industry

Date of publication: October 1, 1981

Author: Alain Meyer


Is French Industry valued and acknowledged by the French? What is its place in regards to other economic sectors (primary, tertiary)? Are the french favourable to large industrial firms holders of the developing life-styles?. These are the questions we asked ourselves in order to be able to draw information useful to the communication strategy of french industrial companies. Two complementary studies were used to elaborate the main conclusions. The first one is a recent survey realised by COFREMCA for L'USINE NOUVELLE by questioning a cross-section of the french population. We were thus able to estimate the place and the image of industry and of industrial branches in comparison to other economic sectors. The second one is a specific analysis of 3SC COFREMCA on french life-styles; in this study, we analysed more closely the french group more favourable to large industrial companies.

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