The integrated market information system in Poland

Date of publication: June 15, 1977


In Poland as well as in other socialist countries there is the three level management system on the market. The central level of management consists of many central institutions as: Cabinet, Central Planning Board and ministries. On the medium level there are associations and commercial centres, the basic level consists of enterprises and consumers. By the high degree of centralisation as a rule of the socialist economy, there is the problem how to reconcile the central planning with market decisions. It enables the new economic system introduced after 1972. The main aim of the new economic system is to shift some powers from the central management level to the enterprises, giving them free choice and flexibility on the market. The new economic system requires another information system delivering enterprises more information on consumer's preferences, demand changes and other features enabling decision making. The paper presents the structure of an integrated market information system and market management in Poland by the authors' proposal. The proposed market information system supported by research background gives the needed data to all management levels and secures a cross flow of information to all market participants.

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