The integration of the two Germanies and the implications for an agrochemical company

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Authors: P. Smits, R. Barten


The reunification of the two German states was necessarily associated with a large number of changes in social and economic systems of the former GDR. The most important components of economic change were the removal of socialist planned economy and the simultaneous introduction of social market economy which was implemented, in the field of agriculture, by the rules of agricultural markets and foreign trade based on the EC agricultural market regulations. The following paper is to render a short documentation of the changes taken place to date, and to show possible development trends. However, the essential part of this paper will concentrate on how ICI Agro, a division of Deutsche ICI GmbH, has already adapted to the changes resulting from the reunification, and on suitable approaches to the future marketing activities in the five new federal states.

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