The Italian woman in the 1980s

Date of publication: June 15, 1982


The research, which was carried out in different phases (qualitative/quantitative) and with a sophisticated methodology on a final sample of 3000 women, clearly highlighted the greatest variability of the universe of Italian women. A particularly distinct clusters analysis emerged which allowed the segmentation of the Female World into 6 Groups characterised according to the attitude towards the role of women in the Italian society today. The research clearly shows how consistently women's attitudes and behaviours vary as the fundamental attitude towards the woman's role changes with regard to a wide range of areas concerning the everyday life (the family, the children, the work, religion, sex, political involvement, consumption behaviour and exposure to media). In consideration of the size of the areas studied and of the greatest articulation focused on the Italian women's reality, a number of qualitative hypotheses of evolutive prediction have been drawn from this paper.

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