The joint effect of several marketing activities

Date of publication: June 15, 1991


It is rarely possible to study the effect of several marketing factors simultaneously. New media, however, may provide such opportunities. Teleshopping does so, because here sales is linked directly to product, price, advertising, media plans, etc. During four weeks of July, 1990 the Danish Television Channel 2 used most of its advertising time on a special campaign in order to assess the possibilities for teleshopping in Denmark. Twenty-three widely different products were marketed in this period, and the number of telephone calls for each product were registered. In total, about 16 calls were registered during the four-week period. On this background the television channel assesses the campaign to have been a success. This data material, consisting of daily registrations of the number of calls for each product, 460 observations in total, is the basis for our analysis of the number of calls. We propose a statistical model that describes 90 percent of the variation in data, making the number of calls a function of 1) a product-specific level, 2) the number of spots, 3) the number of viewers, 4) the time of day, 5) the day of the week, 6) the time of the month, and 7) price.

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