The market research society diploma scheme

Date of publication: June 1, 1976

Author: John Davis


The Market Research Society has regarded education as one of its major responsibilities ever since it was founded, and each year a major program of activities is organised which range from basic introductory courses in market research generally through to advanced seminars bringing together specialists in particular fields. A second strand of development which has proceeded more slowly has been concerned with the establishment of some form of professional qualification in market research, awarded on the basis of an examination following an appropriate course of study. The scheme which has now been developed, and which is in its third year is unique in bringing together academic institutions teaching marketing and market research, and the Society as a professional body, so that students taking courses approved by the Society, and satisfying the Society's assessors in their normal academic examinations, become eligible not only for their academic award but also for the Diploma of the Society. The main part of this paper reviews the Diploma Scheme as it is now, and considers some possible lines of development.

John Davis


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