The meaning of colour on packaging

Date of publication: September 1, 1995


In this paper, first the relevance of packaging and its colour is discussed. Though this subject has been a research topic before, a methodology for researching this subject systematically and thoroughly, which is moreover based on theoretical assumptions is not available. Such a method, however, will be helpful for a better, more reliable and valid understanding of the effects colour on packaging has on consumer information processing and decision-making. A methodology is described, which can be used in the process of developing market communication but also for researching the effect of executional cues conveying a 'meaning', such as colour on packaging, on consumer decision-making. The methodology provides more sensible and reliable results than obtained with current used methods, and will give the marketing manager more insight into the decision-making process and behaviour of the consumer, due to an explicit, standardised and systematic way of examining 'meaning' and using new technologies making the process directly 'visible'. Though we acknowledge that this method is still at it's beginning, we hope it is a step further towards an interdisciplinary, theoretically founded, and thus more reliable and valid approach for researching consumer decision-making.

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