The mind of the consumer shopper

Date of publication: March 30, 2003


The authors have developed a new set of 'mega' databases using conjoint analysis. The databases help delineate the customer mind and provide practical guidance for marketers, product developers, and advertising agencies. Each 'mega' database comprises approximately 30 related conjoint studies in a general area (e.g., buying situations, insurance, beverages, good-for-you foods, craved foods, the not-for-profit 'giving' experience, etc.). This paper deals with a single 'mega' study, Buy It!, created and executed with more than 3,500 respondents to understand the shopping experience. The Buy It! Database study comprises a cross-sectional and tracking system that reveals what specific features about the shopping situation and what communications drive customer interest. Meta-analyses within the database of 30 related studies reveal newly emerging trends, and areas of opportunity. This paper shares the results of the Buy It! Database, from method to analysis to specific results to newly identified segments.

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