The mini parliament technique (German)

Date of publication: June 15, 1985


Especially in local politics of small towns and communties the formulation of objectives and the development of decisions is highly intransparent. The new method provides applicable results for the decision-taking procedure of honorary persons acting in local politics together with full-time government or municipal politicians and special consultants from the government or municipal administration (civil servants). Particularly companies offering certain capital goods that are needed for traffic control, municipal illumination or for the equipment of municipal buildings and the like, can use this (low-cost) method to inform themselves about ways of optimum offer argumentation and about the competence of persons to be contacted. The method shows attitudes, opinions, motives, objectives and wishes of those who are involved in the process of opinion formulation and the formulation of objectives. Beyond the formal function of the person involved also his or her real importance for the formulation of opinions and objectives is brought out clearly.

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