The needs of the advertisers from media research

Date of publication: June 15, 1993

Company: Procter & Gamble

Author: Thomas Neumann


The media situation all over the world has been changing over the last few years. Change is especially dramatic in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the new developments is the need for media research in order to provide a basis for negotiations between TV stations, radio channels, publishing houses, and advertisers. TV audience measurement is just one area of media research. It is particularly suitable to demonstrate the need for valid and reliable data because of the relatively easy approach to generally accepted methodical approaches. In the quantitative media research area, audience measurement and competitive observation are the key needs. In the qualitative field, effectiveness of advertising, viewer attention or involvement and effect of program environment are important. Media research, particularly its basic audience measurement aspect should be funded by the media and controlled by a tripartite body of media, advertising agencies, and advertisers. Access should be possible and free of charge for everyone with a legitimate need as far as basic data are concerned. The generation and publication of media research data on a harmonized basis within Central and Eastern Europe (but also as compared to Western Europe) is a strongly felt need of the advertisers. The TV stations themselves will profit from this as well. The current situation in Central and Eastern Europe allows to reach the goal of harmonized data with much less effort than it is required in Western Europe.

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