The next decade

Date of publication: September 1, 1987


The world is quickly becoming smaller, local market conditions are shifting into the background, international marketing issues demand increased attention. Technology and the communications revolution can cause frontiers to disappear: competition is also manifesting itself more and more on a world scale. Whether all this will result in a uniform worldwide range of products or a “localised" market approach is another question. - Consumer behaviour is becoming more individual and perhaps more fickle. The term "mosaic culture" is often heard in this respect. - The business climate is becoming more inspiring, but rapid adaptation and flexibility in ones actions is called for more than ever. Co-operation, specialisation, etc. will become attractive in view of the risks involved in business. A key role is assigned to the importance of fully fledged marketing and service. Knowledge of the market, something to which lip service was paid in the past, is increasingly becoming a precondition for survival.

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