The nordic countries

Date of publication: June 15, 1980

Author: Sigurd Bennike


Finland is the only country in this part of the world who has advertising in TV, and the three big countries measured by area have a low population density, whereas Denmark has a very high population density. In Sweden they for more than 20 years have run a media survey by post, and in Denmark we in certain years have had more personal interviews than in U.K. and Germany together. In Norway and Denmark the newspapers' unions have participate, in the body for syndicated media research so that by decision all papers, even with a circulation lower than 2.000, should be covered. When this was tried in Sweden the organization broke down. In the Swedish (unofficial but the only one) media index are informations on lifestyle included and it contains moreover a media indent for retailers and for professional magazines too. In Finland we find the only faculty for communication research at the university in Tampere and in Denmark I personally to some degree have success in telling the editors that our work can be used by them as well as by the advertisers.

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