The organizational aspects of regional research


Los Medios y Mercados de LatinoAmerica is an industry developed and supported pan-regional multimedia survey of Latin America. The methodological and technical difficulties associated with this project are enormous. Within that context, the authors review and evaluate how this industry sponsored action came to be and try to draw implications for other developing media regions. Much of the material reported herein, represents the opinions, sometimes differing, of several sponsors of the project. These opinions were collected through a series of debriefing meetings and telephone interviews. The authors wish to express their thanks to Jo Anne Burke of FCB/True North and Sandy Wax of The Discovery Channel for helping to organize this paper and contributing to the editorial content. The authors also wish to thank the following sponsors for their editorial review and contributions: Rebecca Bearden of FOX Latin America, Filiberto Fernandez of TeleNoticias, Ned Greenberg of Canal de Noticias, Fran Kennish of Young & Rubicam, I.J. LaCayo of Bates Worldwide, Cristina Martinez of J.W. Thompson and Marcelo Salup of Foote, Cone & Belding

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