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Date of publication: June 15, 1989


The optimal marketing profit depends on the five elements which go together to male up the marketing mix those being: market, product, price, advertising, distribution. The study which SECODIP realised aimed to confirm the importance of these 5 elements and to contribute to the marketing policy and decisions of its clients. Through its Consumers Panel managed for 20 years, SECODIP has in mind a historical consumer behaviour. The first step was to introduce in a single data bank, all the quantities bought by the households of our two 4560 households panels which are representative of the french populations (in terms of socio-demographic profiles). This information comprised in this data bank represents 270 products lines for each of the years 1977 1982 and 1987. This allowed us to measure the trends the changes of the consumption in each age category. Thus we were able to understand and to point out some consumption behaviours. In a second step, with the support of Alfred DENNER, we carried out 7 exploratory group interviews of retired, retired to-be, and professionals of health services. Then according to these interviews, we have carried out a self- administrated questionnaire to 3100 individuals. As we know the consumption behaviour, the purpose of this second step was then to understand the attitudes. In the field of communication, we have analysed the audience measurement of the Consumers panels. Then Alfred Denner run a study to record directly the opinion of industrials and professionals.

Olivier Geradon de Vera


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