The phoenix rises from the ashes

Date of publication: September 1, 1990


This paper describes a major research programme undertaken by BISCUITERIE NANTAISE and BURKE MARKETING. It’s primary objective was to develop a modified mix for BN biscuit that would stop declining sales, and rebuild share and volume. Objectives went even further, by requiring a new mix of sufficient quality to justify a major price increase. The first stage of the research programme was made up of a series of studies ; each evaluating a separate individual element of the mix. Then, a BASES test was conducted to evaluate the new mix ; both to estimate relaunch potential, and evaluate wheter a 5% price increment could be justified. The total research programme took about 3 months (end '85 to beginning ’86). While evaluation and optimisation of the individual elements of the mix, before testing it’s relaunch potential with BASES, may seem an expensive and time consuming approach, the authors believe that this most "professional" approach was vital, given that the stakes were so high. Following relaunch, BN biscuit sales increased by 17%, and within one year it achieved more than 35% market share, when it had held less than 30% before relaunch. BISCUITERIE NANTAISE’s very precarious commercial position was turned around to one of dominance in this market.

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