The potential for multi-country media research

Date of publication: June 15, 1990

Author: Timothy Joyce


Mediamark Research Inc. has for almost 11 years operated in the United States a multimedia and marketing survey based on personal interviews. This service is the primary source for magazine readership estimates in the U.S., and an important secondary source of data for other media (broadcast and cable TV, radio, newspapers, and outdoor), and is used by almost all advertising agencies of any size for media planning and buying. A number of factors have caused Mediamark to investigate the potential for a multi-country service on the lines of the U.S. service, which would provide fully comparable data across a number of major markets. To that end, interviews were conducted with potential users of such a service, including especially the heads of media at international agencies and advertisers, the heads of international operations at international media companies, and the heads of research at national media companies in several countries. Based on this investigation, a Foundation Survey in five European countries is being proposed.

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