The prognosis of the past and remembrance of the future

Date of publication: May 1, 2001

Catalogue: Latin America 2001


During most of the 20th century there was no tradition in Mexico of surveying public opinion and social affairs. Aside from isolated experiences, the fields of sociology and applied social research did not cultivate public opinion measuring as an element for analyzing and/or forming public policies. The situation changed rapidly and profoundly in recent years. Since the 1988 [residential election, with the release of the first public polls of voting intention to the public, the number and frequency of surveys increased in line with the political competition and aperture. Public opinion research had a double historical contribution: first, as the startup of a tradition in the research industry; and secondly, as a record, new in our society, of the public feelings and thoughts amidst the most transcendent political transition in Mexican history. This paper reviews the development of public opinion research in Mexico and pinpoints major issues that constitute a future agenda for the Mexican researchers.

Alejandro Garnica Andrade


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