The proposal process of privatization (Spanish)

Date of publication: June 15, 1997


The Argentine Republic is at the forefront of Latin America in terms of the privatization process. The largest businesses, especially in Public Sents, have already passed into private hands. Within this context, the bidding processes cause bidding companies to investigate to evaluate the convenience of presenting and / or designing their proposal. There are cases in which the specifications require the inclusion of market studies and these are part of the final qualification. This paper attempts to describe the global framework within which these processes are developed, also identifying the differences that arise from the different types of privatizations. On the other hand, it exposes the heterogeneity of the profile of the members of the work team that is constituted for the evaluation and presentation to each bid. In addition, the demands to the Researcher that arise from the interaction with this group are detailed, which in turn will generate professional opportunities but also risks that, if foreseen, could be neutralized. A quick explanation is then made of the multiple techniques that should be integrated in most cases and the out put that each of them should provide. Finally, five cases are exposed in which the demands towards the Investigation and the Investigator are described.

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