The research activities of the International Union of Official travel organisations

Date of publication: August 1, 1963

Author: L. J. Lickorish


IUOTO, through its Research Commission, has always recognised the importance of research in international travel. In this era of rapid expansion in international movement there have been changes in travel habits, substantial investment in means of transport, accommodation, resort equipment and other visitor amenities, together with considerable expenditure in promotion and marketing. An expanding industry operating in a mass market needs economic research. This is particularly true of travel where co-operative operation is essential. Each of the industries or trades servicing the traveller usually provides one type of service or only one component of the product, and is then dependent on traffic being attracted to the area of operation for reasons other than the quality or attractiveness of this component. Governments, conscious of the importance of tourism to their economies, are much involved in promotion and development of international travel.

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