The role of marketing research in planning company development

Date of publication: June 15, 1964


This report intends to show how an Italian company has set up and carried out a development program taking as a basis the results obtained from a marketing research plan. No special methodologies were used for each separate research but taken as a whole they form a good example of an organised and sufficient collection of the information necessary to reduce the risk involved when making decisions of importance for the future of the company. This report describes, the characteristics of the individual researches and the utilisation of the results obtained. It is also pointed out bow the researches carried out have inspired the management and employees of the firm to have confidence in the programs and in their own capacities and will to improve showing that these researches have an effect on the people concerned and on whom the success of the firm depends. In the case described, marketing research has assumed, besides the well known instrumental function, an active role as catalyst and stimulant of the firm's activities.

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