The role of the salesforce in strategic marketing

Date of publication: June 15, 1992


In this paper the authors, drawing on the experience of one of the world’s leading telecommunications suppliers, outline the role an organisation’s salesforce can play in helping to develop and shape marketing strategies. BT operates the fifth largest telephone network in the world and currently serves over 21 million customers in the UK, handling almost a hundred million calls each day. The company employs almost 190 people in the UK and owns or leases over 8 properties, in addition to operating the largest commercial motor transport fleet in Europe (with 73 vehicles). It is against this backdrop that BT is continually attempting to assess customers' needs and requirements and develop marketing strategies that will give the company an edge in the market place. This is a difficult task for any large organization, but one that is made particularly problematic given that the classic approach to marketing does not necessarily lend itself to the challenges facing BT.

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