The shape of things to come

Date of publication: June 15, 1977

Author: John Seekings


This paper describes the expected shape of the west European tourism market in 1980 including: 1.The intra-European market both domestic and international; 2. The market for travel from West Europe to countries overseas; 3. The market for travel to west Europe from countries overseas. For each of these markets, the paper presents forecasts on: - The principal traffic flows (by source and destination); - The primary segments by reason for travel (business, personal, vacation); - The primary segments both by type of accommodation (hotel, camping, visiting friends and relatives) and by type of transport (road, air, sea). Again, for each of these markets, the paper discusses: - The principal factors which will promote growth between now and 1980 in each segment; - The principal restraints on growth. Finally, the paper describes the sources of information on the volume of tourism in West Europe.

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