The shopper's mind

Date of publication: October 26, 2003


Creating an experience or an emotional connection with the customer requires that the marketer or retailer first understand that this experience or emotional connection is not the same for every customer. Across multiple shopping experiences there are a variety of desired shopping experiences, ranging from the price/ service driven experience focused on getting a good bargain; to that of a product driven experience keyed on the product and the store environment as a representation of the product; and finally to the easy shopper who wants their shopping experience to deliver service, availability, ease of use, and price. Most retailers have utilized price as a key driver of the shopping experience. Whereas price is important to shoppers, understanding these mindsets and the key communication messages that drive their interest in the shopping experience helps retailers differentiate themselves for the customer. The presentation provides a system to leverage this strategic knowledge, and a tactical solution to creating destination shopping experiences for one particular destination, 'The Diabetes Place'.

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