Through the shopper's eyes

Date of publication: April 19, 2005


This paper examines the impact and potential of in-store new media from the shopper perspective. There has been considerable press coverage in the United Kingdom of the in-store TV trials being conducted by a variety of retailers, and the claimed sales increases achieved by this new media are impressive. As a result, the role of the whole in-store environment as a communication tool has become a topic of discussion across boardrooms - whether retailers, manufacturers, or agencies - in a way that was previously only dreamt of by the POP industry. To date, however, publicized research results have typically been confined to measurements of the sales impact of the new media. This paper looks to provide a more in-depth understanding of the role that new media, specifically in-store TV, is playing in the shopper's purchase process, based on research that was conducted independently of any retailers or their suppliers. In this way the paper seeks to provide businesses currently working in the retail environment, or considering working with in-store TV, with the shopper perspective of the developments in-store.

Danielle Pinnington


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