The ten C's

Date of publication: June 15, 1989


For some years now, people have been studying the trends underlying the changes taking place in today's society and developing what has become a real research technique: "socio- trends analysis". A number of studies have been carried out rising this technique and these have brought to light some interesting analyses of current trends. However, we believe that much more could be done with the results of these studies in terms of marketing strategy and organisation. This paper, which is divided into three parts, is intended as a contribution in this direction. The first part describes the theoretical basis underlying socio-trends analysis itself. In this second part, we briefly consider what we consider to be the most significant consumer trends (the "Ten C's") within the context of a European market which is on its way to becoming a truly "common" market. In the third part, we try to give one example of the possible applications of this theoretical idea to the concrete reality of consumer markets.

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