The transition and future of marketing research within a changing industrial and social structure


Japan is currently undergoing major changes in its macro- economic and social environment. These changes are affect- ing both its industrial and its consumer structure and are linked to the following trends: - trend towards 'soft' and service markets - internationalization - maturity of companies - hi-tech - information - social trends, including women's position in society and an ageing society. Changes such as these are leading to basic changes in companies' marketing activities, to an expansion of and a greater emphasis on marketing strategies and to diversification. In response, marketing research is now also assuming a different role. In the past the basic role of marketing research was 'fact finding'. Today, although it still has this role, it is increasingly turning to problem solving. As a result, the information marketing research is called on to provide is more and more qualitative and analytical. In future, the principal function of marketing research will be the solution of marketing problems; in other words, it will become strategic marketing research

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