The use of life-style research for the analysis of eating habits in Austria

Date of publication: June 15, 1989

Author: Gunda Plasser


The present paper contains the results of a typology concerning the eating habits of the Austrian population. The basic data were collected as part of a large life- style-survey among 4000 persons. Therefore it becomes possible to analyse far reaching connections between eating habits and attitudes and behaviour in a variety of other areas of life. Concerning nutrition, four basic patterns were found each requiring a totally different advertising approach: the Rational Eater, the Health-freak, the Gourmet and the Careless Eater. These four types are not only characterized by different kinds of eating habits, but also differ significantly in regard to other values, patterns of behaviour and attitudes. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the characterization of the types also shows clear parallels to results of similar surveys in other countries of Western Europe. This creates an interesting basis for future research on life- styles and eating-styles in Europe.

Gunda Plasser


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