The world of the child

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: Penelope Queen


If the noise level in America seems to be rising these days, it may be because the baby boomers are in the middle of their own baby boom "echo." Men and women who were born in the years after World War II are now raising their own children. This new generation will eventually number over 70 million, almost as large a generation as the baby boomers themselves. So it's no surprise that the market for products and services designed for children will continue to grow in importance over the next two decades. In addition, today's children are especially important because they affect the economy in three different ways: They buy products and services themselves, they influence purchases in their families, and they represent an important market for the future as they grow into adolescence and adulthood. Therefore, manufacturers and advertisers need to market towards children both as present and as future consumers. Today, children represent a complex, powerful force in the marketplace. We believe the marketers who succeed in this youth market will be those who first have a thorough understanding of the world of the child in American today.

Penelope Queen


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