Thirsty work: Collaborating towards metacognition in the cold beverage path to purchase

Date of publication: November 18, 2015


The research showed that well-rehearsed 'patterns' of service in the channels explored tend to inhibit the desire to seek out something new when deciding on cold drinks, and they tend to result in consumers making these decisions in autopilot (system 1). Key to disrupting the status quo, they were what we termed, 'emotivators'. That is, disruptors or nudges that overcome default choices and the perceived risk of deviating from what is 'usual', safe and comfortable - and that engage consumers on a deeply emotional level. For example, we determined that personalisation in the small things (a name on the cup that indicates it was made just for them) or customisation (adding a shot of flavour) both cultivate positive emotions and make what are otherwise mundane experiences for the consumer all the more enjoyable and rewarding.

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