Thought leadership from ESOMAR

Date of publication: September 23, 2018

Catalogue: Congress 2018


These are exciting times for our industry: we are in a new insight paradigm. The data we have to unearth insights is richer than ever and our ability to understand what is really driving consumer behaviour has reached new heights. So, how do you showcase this success story and provide guidelines to those wanting to set up the optimum insight function? Should we be focusing on measuring the precise payoff from insight - trying to pin down the return on investment from insight projects and working to industry benchmarks? Or is this too restrictive - reflecting a possibly now outdated model centred upon reducing decision risk? Should we instead be focusing more on the way we use our creativity and flair to seize those golden opportunities that will drive growth? To help throw light on these questions, ESOMAR - in its thought leadership role - commissioned a qualitative study amongst insight leaders from some of our top organisations.

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