To know you is to love you

Date of publication: April 18, 2004


On the basis of a program instituted by Kraft Food to better understand consumer motivations, Kraft Foods Iberia conducted a survey for one of their core categories and main brands. Through buying behavior, the group of individuals that would help make the fastest and most efficient progress towards achieving business objectives were identified. Based on specific demographic variables such as age, residence, where and how they purchased, etc., the consumers were recruited. A representative from the Kraft Marketing Department as well as the research supplier, Market Arena, spent a full day with each consumer. This research approach allowed growth of a personal relationship with consumers, providing greater in-depth understanding of consumers' motivations. The Product Brand Group developed a new Marketing Strategy based on this research. As a result, all marketing efforts are now aimed at this person as an individual and not just as 'an eater or a buyer'. From a research perspective, we learned when speaking to a homogenous group of people, expectations and motivations are analogous. Therefore, a smaller number of respondents were necessary to reach solid findings.

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