Tourism in Spain, not everything is under the sun

Date of publication: June 15, 1991


Tourism is one of the most important economical sectors in Spain. Several years ago the Government Department of Tourism lounched an advertising campaign abroad using the positioning propposal "SPAIN EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN". With the performance of this Base-line there was the intention of linking the local communication strategies under an "umbrella effect". This campaign succeeded only abroad where there were global messages emitted by the Spanish Government Department of Tourism. The basis of this paper is the existing touristic advertising which shows the Spanish tourism communication frame-work as a result of three different analysis: 1. Types of messages used in the sector: * Global message * Product message to general public target * General message to specific public target * Product message to specific public target 2. Which are the integration levels within the different messages according to the geographical Spanish tourism structure: COUNTRY>REGION>TOURISTIC AREA>LOCAL DESTINATION 3. Positioning factors found out for these types of touristic offers: a. Country-side areas b. Seaside areas c. Country-side local destination d. Seaside local destination.

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