Towards a qualitative control of television sponsorship of television sponsorship

Date of publication: June 15, 1991


Authors: Daniel Bo, Yves Krief


In allowing advertisers to symbolically express their brand identity, TV sponsorship has become a privileged space for brand communication. Advertisers should keep in mind, however, that this method of communication which is difficult to control and which works by insertion into programmes and by connotation, can be risky for their brand capital. The success of a sponsorship operation largely depends upon the utilisation of the brand as well as the interaction between the sponsor, the programme and the TV station. In order to control TV sponsorship space, the SORGEM (communications research company) and MARKETING & TELEVISION (TV advice agency) are carrying out a study entitled "Brands and TV Sponsorship". Using over 1500 french and foreign examples, this study comprises a semiological analysis of 400 relevant case studies as well as a series of qualitative and quantitative tests. The results will enable a better understanding of TV sponsorship and its implications for brand communication.

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