Train offering in long-distance passenger traffic of Finnish state railways in 1987

Date of publication: June 15, 1983

Author: Ritva Temonen


On the basis of the survey results discussed and the passenger flow prognoses, the team has designed the timetables for the intercity passenger trains 1987. The planning was preceded by a definition of the future four intercity train types: ordinary express train, new type express train, sleeping car and car carrier. A new train type to be introduced will be the express train designed for business travelling. The times of departure and arrival of these trains have been adapted to the demands of the business travellers (time of arrival in Helsinki before 10 o'clock; time of departure from Helsinki, between 15 and 16 hours). Study results suggest that business passengers appreciate high speed and high standard of service. The travelling times of these express trains have been shortened, e.g. by a reduction of stops. The level of service in these trains will be improved in comparison with the present express trains.

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