Trend-analyse and early warning systems for marketing management

Date of publication: June 15, 1980


Marketing Managers all over the world are overloaded with an abundance of information data. This information "overkill" has its source not only in the computer department of an enterprise. A very large part of it is produced and distributed by Marketing Research Agencies themselves. In particular Panel Research Agencies produce at regular intervals volumes of computer data, crowding not only their own archives and desks but unfortunately also the heads of their clients. Instead of the lack of information known in the earlier stages of our history, high-volume data sources have been evolved today. Marketing Managers are desperately demanding assistance: it is not quantity, but quality of information that is needed. But out of the mass of information supplied Marketing Management wants the few crucial questions pinpointing and analysing. For this reason data analysis is becoming increasingly more important in Marketing Research than the problems encountered in the early days, those of data collection. Some new solutions to that old problem in Marketing Research are shown and illustrated by applying time-series-analysis and Marketing Information systems (MIS) by Marketing Research Agencies.

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