Trends in psychological market research

Date of publication: August 1, 1969


The historical perspective in the realm of psychological market research is more restricted than that of "ordinary" market research. It is true that the hesitant beginnings of psychological research occurred around the thirties, but there was scarcely any development to speak of until the fifties. In the Netherlands this branch of market research was scarcely known until Vance Packard's book made its mark. From 1960 to the present day psychological market research has been developing successfully in the Netherlands -at least if measured by the volume of its turnover. It is however noteworthy that specialisation in this form of research is less frequently met with at present than at the beginning of the sixties. Some organisations , originally set up as specialised research establishments in marketing psychology, have since extended their sphere of operations to other forms of market research, whereas, on the other hand, established organisations have included psychological market research among their services.

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