Use of PC software in conducting ACA and modelling the results

Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Author: David Adams


Markets are increasingly dynamic: the conditions which obtained when research was commissioned may no longer obtain when the findings are delivered. Appropriate research techniques harnessed to the ever increasing power of the personal computer allow companies to respond to rapidly changing market scenarios. One such technique adaptive conjoint analysis (ACA) has the scope and flexibility to deliver genuine strategic strengths in such areas as: new product development, generic competition • competitor response, marketing mix. Yet in order to achieve these insights and realise the full benefits which ACA's scope and flexibility can deliver, it is necessary to re-think the way in which research is commissioned and executed. Failure to make these adjustments will lead to mediocre results and lost opportunities. This paper sets out to describe the scope and flexibility of the ACA technique, then to examine certain significant areas of application and finally to define the key elements of the consultant/client interface which PA's experience indicates are critical for success.

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