User acceptance of online-services

Date of publication: September 1, 1996


Author: Anton Lohmann


On the fast developing "Information Highway" market testing methods for the acceptance of Online Services will gain an increasing importance. While all services are using a graphic user interface (Windows) a real acceptance test can only be realized with a system that fulfils the same demands. The survey, presented to you on a later stage, is an example for the use of CAPI Multimedia and illustrates new interviewing possibilities, as well as showing the higher quality of data won by this new method. With CAPI Multimedia technology it is now possible to test a TV-spot or printed advertisement as well as services presented in Online Services as T-ONLINE or Internet/WWW. This paper also illustrates the decisions - hardware and software - that had to be taken on the way to a CAPI Multimedia system.

Anton Lohmann


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