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Date of publication: December 1, 2021

Catalogue: Community Circles


A multi-disciplinary meet-up for those with qualitative, UX, trend-watching & design thinking roles to discuss the power of cross-pollinating ideas and knowledge. The live discussion will be held at two different time zones on the 9th November to engage with our members and friends around the world.

What's it about?
This 4th Qualitative Community Circle hosted in Microsoft Teams aims to widen the conversation and discuss  ?parallel disciplines? such as UX/CX, design thinking, trend-watching to understand the role and value each brings to the insights and foresights table and brainstorm how best to cross pollinate knowledge and ideas. 

The output of this meet-up may fuel further discussions at the Qualitative eXchange on 14 December.

What's in it for me?
Whether you are curious to hear what others are doing in their quest to find out ?The Why? or wish to bust some myths about your own profession - this informal and interactive one-hour discussion is planned so that you can openly discuss and identify the opportunities you have together!

Who's it for? 
A discussion held for APAC and (morning) EU qualitative researchers, UX/CX design thinkers, trend-watchers, foresight Heads and all insight talents passionate about understanding ?The Why?. A second discussion takes place later in the day for our NA and (afternoon) EU members.

Tom De Ruyck


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Christoph Welter


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