Vision Y

Date of publication: June 15, 2014


In 2013, Luxottica decided to re-create its vision for the future through the eyes of Millennials. The company has undertaken a new approach using market research tools to create a more open-source and two-way relationship with the Millennial generation. They are looking at Generation Y holistically, not only as potential customers, but also as expert counsellors on envisioning the future as well as potential employee talents for the organisation. Quantitative consumer research has been combined with ethnography across seven countries, covering America, Asia and Europe. Traditional interviewing has been combined with mobile digital tools to interact with respondents and to improve access to and analyse data. This presentation illustrates our findings on the vision of the eyewear category in the future. It shows how eyewear is evolving from a healthcare product to one of the most powerful accessories reshaping and reframing young people’s visual identity.

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